We hear of sticker shock in and outside our market when it comes to construction prices. A recent article posited that the US construction industry is sputtering, impacting construction costs and timelines. In SC Wisconsin, we do not see a slowdown yet. Currently, SSI Technologies just broke ground on a 20,000 square foot addition, while Freedom Graphic Systems in Milton and Gallina USA in Janesville are wrapping up expansions of 90,000 square feet and 40,500 square feet, respectively. Badger Property Investments is scheduled to break ground on a 60,000 square foot building in Janesville on Monday, April 12. 

With lumber and steel costs rising- will construction costs and lengthening of timelines cause industrial projects now under consideration to be shelved temporarily? Get the industry’s perspective by reading the full article "Construction's Woes State to Hit This Surging Real Estate Sector" by Christie Moffat here.