Twenty-five years ago, an independent pharmacist and his family decided to
develop a vacant parcel of land, sitting next to his free-standing pharmacy
building, into a multi-tenant retail strip center on Center Ave in Janesville, WI.
Throughout their ownership, the south side business district of Janesville
experienced its share of difficulties, but the asset maintained stable tenancy and
regularly generated a profit. However, through life's circumstances, grandchildren,
retirement, and the desire for prolonged travel, it became apparent it was time to
sell this trusty asset and gain more freedom from responsibility.

Senior Agent Mandy Witt compiled comparable sales and used her market
knowledge to help the owners understand the property's value. After reaching out
to her sphere of influence, Witt connected with a local business owner and tenant
of the property who was looking to build his commercial real estate portfolio. He
jumped at the opportunity, and now another local businessperson owns this
valuable real estate.

• The property sold for less than 6% below the listed price
• Sold after only 4 1/2 months on the market
• This sale divested the owners of all investment responsibilities
outside of their residence

"We came to a point where we wanted fewer obligations. Mandy and her team assisted
us in determining the worth of our property and guided us through the process of selling
an investment property."
- James & Lorna Wong, Owners

"I had wanted to own a retail strip center for a long time, especially one where I was
already a tenant. Mandy did a terrific job guiding me through the negotiation process
for the acquisition."
- Saad Mustafa, Buyer