The year 2020 was one of reflection on priorities and direction for the private
sector, an expert electronic UPS design was no exception. N1 Critical
Technologies determined that the need for in person office setting with a
downtown presence was not their focus and decided its core mission was focusing
on warehousing therefore the underutilized asset would need to be sold.


N1 Critical Technologies consulted with Mandy Witt of Coldwell Banker
Commercial McGuire Mears & Associates about the overall market and the value
of its asset. After Witt researched the property and reviewed comparable sales, N1
Critical Technologies approved the implementation of a marketing strategy to sell
the building. Next Witt contacted a motivated local commercial real estate
investor, Riley Capital Partners LLC, looking to purchase a piece of the downtown
business district. Riley Capital Partners showed genuine interest in the purchase
but not without a paying tenant. Upon securing a lease with an ABA Therapy
Service provider the buyer submitted an offer to purchase the building.


• Lifelong resident invests in downtown business district
• New tenant brings 20 jobs to Janesville and will treat 50 children
• Seller moves to smaller office space with larger warehouse footprint


"Mandy showed us several buildings and worked her connections to find us the right
property and a new tenant for it at the same time. We’re happy that the building is in
Janesville’s downtown, allowing us to contribute to the momentum pushing the central
business district’s redevelopment and renaissance and bringing new job opportunities to
the neighborhood. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with a quality
tenant, and we’re very happy that Mandy continues to find us new investments and
deliver stability and growth.”
- Shannon Riley, Owner