Is Accepting Leased Premises From Your Landlord an Occupancy Permit?

Jan 22, 2020

Well, of course not—but for some tenants, it may seem so! In their recent article “Tenant’s Acceptance of Leased Premises: May The Tenant Always Beware”, authors Jim Hochman and David Lieberman point out five issues that tenants should consider before accepting a space. As they note, most landlords include in their leases a clause that absolves them of responsibility once the tenant takes possession.


Opportunity Zones: 3 Trends to Watch

Dec 11, 2019

As the 2019 fiscal year draws to a close, it is now almost two years after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was passed and more than a year and a half since the first opportunity zones were designated. Designed to spur economic development by delaying taxation on capital gains, the impact so far for investors has been somewhat nominal, to say the least (especially in our market).


Lifestyle CRE is Not Just for Millennials

Oct 23, 2019

As any commercial real estate professional will tell you, the industry has been witness to a number of changes—being subject to the impacts of the economy, industry trends, market challenges, and more. When looking at commercial real estate, it is crucial to focus not only on generational activity, but also on lifestyle trends.


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